Seeking Candor

Eli (2)The pull

Have you ever felt that change was in the air? The type of change that could be monumental. I'm currently in that season of my life. I am in my last year of my 20's and while this may freak some out I am not so concerned about it. What has called me to change was about this time last year I had a baby. My first, my son. This has been the most amazing journey. Being a mom made me look at myself and how God must see me. I wanted to be the best version of myself as an example for my son. I have always been a people pleaser (I am a southern young lady after all), modifying what I was doing or saying for those around me. I would laugh at things I didn't find funny or not tell a friend my actual feelings when they would ask me. I thought in order to be kind to those around me I had to be this way. This was not a good way to be. I wasn't being my true self. This was bad for me and for those around me. I was giving people a false person. I was trying to change the things I thought others might not like and be something they may find more appealing. My mom tells me I have always been opinionated and did what I thought was right, and I remember being this way. I am not sure when that changed. Now I would like to say I think manners are EXTREMELY important and that you should never go out of your way to be rude or mean. But if someone asks for my opinion now I try to tell them in a polite and loving way. By doing this I am learning who I am and being comfortable with that.

Following this pull to be a better person has opened up other areas in my life to change. Areas like my attitude with work, stepping out of my comfort zone (like starting this blog), trying new methods of going natural for my health, and meeting life goals. The pull to do something new I believe comes from somewhere important and meaningful therefore must be followed.

I want to encourage you to look at your current season in life and your goals. Do they line up? If so how can you make sure to keep that going? If not, whats holding you back? Is it fear or maybe you just know it will be a lot of work? My advice to you, which is what I am trying to do in my own life currently, is take it day by day and project by project. Sounds stupidly simple I know. I realized something around this New Years, everyone gets so excited about the new beginning but gives up not long after. They become discouraged for one reason or another and stop short of their goal. I did the same thing, except this year I didn't. I realized that every month is a new beginning, every week starts something over, and every day can be a new beginning! This made me feel so free. I realized that if in January I didn't workout as much as I planned I could still be better in  February. Maybe on Monday I didn't drink as much water as I should but Tuesday was a brand new day. This has helped me so much when it comes to changing the areas of my life where I am feeling the pull. Give into the pull and allow yourself to try, to grow, to change. You never know, it just may change everything.

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