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Living in my season

I am a busy person and by that I mean I don’t like to be idle. One thing I say about myself when someone notices this is “I don’t sit still very well”. Relaxing doesn’t come easy for me. If I am not doing multiple things at once I am at least thinking about what I should be doing next. A few weeks ago I had a very full and busy schedule and had no time or choice of relaxing. I felt as if I couldn’t catch my breath. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and then suddenly I had a day off with NOTHING to do. It was great, in my head. I spent the morning relaxing and doing things around my house but nothing of great importance. I was able to sip my HOT coffee (now as a parent my coffee is usually drank cold), read, cleaned up around the house a little, do my nails all uninterrupted. That part was fantastic. But once all that was over I was so bored. Later when I was talking with my sister she reminded me how I had just been so busy and now that I had time I wasn’t taking advantage of it. What is so silly, I had just given this same speech to my friend. I wasn’t being content with what I had been given even though I had wanted it.

I am of the mindset that we live in seasons. I’m not referring to spring, summer, fall, or winter of course. What I mean by seasons are the period of time in which a certain life lesson is being utilized or learned. I believe this happens in many way. The season of change, of loss, of excitement, anxiety, humility, and the list goes on and on. I think even if you don’t feel as if you are in any particular season it could be the season of rest or patience.

I’ve been through many seasons in the last two years. It begin in the season of humility, then patience, then growth, and now I am in the season of change. I have learned invaluable lessons in each season. I am learning how to take what I am still learning and apply it in the next area as well. One thing I am finding out right now is that I need to observe my surroundings more often and take a good self assessment of how I am thinking, feeling, and dealing with the issues and situations going on around me. I am learning to look at things more objectively. I have a tendency to react rather than respond to things. My initial thoughts or feelings become boss. I feel this isn’t the wisest thing. I can end up making dumb decisions when that happens. I am working on this because I feel it can be so important. Once I process how I am truly feeling about a situation or season I feel like I am better prepared to be in that season.

The next step for me is then to identify what type of season I am in. I look for common themes or feelings that seem to be around me. This seems to happen a lot. This can be the hard part I think, especially if it is a difficult season you are going through. When I was going through the patience season it was difficult because I saw signs of ‘trust in God’ everywhere. I was resistant for a while and trying to rush through it. I tired to figure things out myself or just ignore what I was seeing around me. I finally decided to give in and work on trusting God and work toward patience. Once I did this I feel like things changes. I finally stopped trying to rush through my season.  I feel like I can respect the process a little more and try to learn what I am going through.

I find the last step is just implementing the things your learning. What works for me is to just remind myself daily what it is I’m working toward. Prayer is also something I find that works tremendously for me. I recommend that for everyone. I actually recommend that from day one and continue throughout.

I think it’s important to live in your season because what we go through everyday can help us for the next day, one season can build on the next. We can begin to build a good foundation for life.  This current season of change I am in has made me realize this is so true. I have recalled things I’ve been learning these past two years in this one season. It has been wonderful and challenging all at the same time. I am so thankful for all the passed seasons of my life and what I have learned. I’m optimistically and patiently looking toward the next one where there is more wisdom to be gained!

One thought on “Living in my season

  1. Interesting write. It’s like how the different seasons brings different feel and taste to it. Our life seasons like you mentioned does the same too. Cheers!

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