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Tonight I made homemade apple crisp. I have made apple crisp from mixes and homemade before but this time it was different. It was actually pretty tasty. ha! Cooking, as I’ve mentioned before, isn’t something I excel with. Baking especially although I’ve always wanted to be a good baker. When I was baking tonight I used some of the things I’ve been learning about cooking and paying more attention to what I was doing and it paid off.

I have noticed a pattern of tests in my life here recently. Well I don’t really like using the word test but maybe rather an assessment. To me test would be things happening in my life that I had to control over, something happening to me or marking the completion of something. These events I am talking about are both things happening to me and things I’ve brought on myself and I feel like they are far from over. Within the past few weeks, maybe month now, I have noticed that the areas in my life I am seeing myself grow are being played upon. They have included my marriage, being a mom, situations with friends, my family, and work. As I’ve noticed these things around me I have been able to assess my growth. Am I learning from the experiences I’ve had around me or do I keep making the same mistakes? I am learning so much about myself. Somethings have shown me how much I have improved and others have shown me the distance at which I still have to go. I have to say I feel so grateful when I see these things in front of me. I feel so blessed to see the ways in which God is working in my life. I have been able to see blessings in the ordinary and I feel I am becoming more and more grateful.  This message is short today but hopefully you’ll be able to look at your own lives today and see how far you’ve come from where you started. Lets all keep striving forward and seeking candor.

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