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I come from a long line of worries. We are the best at over analyzing until whatever we started thinking about now become something so different it’s almost unrecognizable to our original thought. This can sometimes be a good quality, the ability to think of different ways to prepare or correct situations. However, it can also lead to unnecessary sadness, hurt feelings, and wasted time.

Several years ago I realized I didn’t want to continue this way. It wasn’t good for me and I wanted to stop. I prayed about it and began to find it was less about me stopping the worrying but more about turning it over to God. I don’t think that you should “let go and let God” like the saying goes but what I mean is we should pray to God about our feelings and then ask Him to reveal how we fit in the situation. Is it something we can help with, something we should do to change, or maybe we should take a step back from it altogether? Even now I have to remind myself of these things.

I believe the other half of this coin is enjoying the good stuff. This, as bizarre as it may sound, is the harder part for me to get right now. I don’t know if it comes from my history of worrying or just human nature to expect bad things but I struggle sometimes with waiting for the storm to hit. I think about how blessed I am and wonder when something will dramatically turn bad. To me this is a terrible way to live though. As if God only allows a certain number of good times then followed by bad. I feel like it’s not living through God’s blessings.

Throughout the Bible we are taught that God wants to bless us and wants great things for our lives. God wants good things for our lives. So why do we struggle sometimes to see that? I believe it comes from many different reasons. Maybe someone told you that you don’t deserve it or it’s just been one struggle after another. Regardless of the reason, I feel we need to recognize God’s blessing. For me that means praying when things look tough but looking at the other areas in my life that are going so well. Looking for the ways God is working to improve the hard parts. It means finding joy even when things are hard. It can be hard to make this change and it’s easy to become discouraged but I believe it’s easier the more you do it and it really makes a difference in your everyday life. Life is more than just a series of repeated ups and downs. I want to encourage you to give God your worry and to live like you’re loved because you truly.

2 thoughts on “Blessing/Worry

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! We feel bad times are bound to come, but the truth is that even those phases are a blessing from God. God wants to bless us, He loves us! Glad I found your blog:)..God bless!


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