Recently my friend and I finished a study called Twelve Women of the Bible. It was rather interesting to study about these women but also to hear women talking and teaching on them. I enjoyed learning different perspectives about the stories I grew up reading and hearing. The first chapter in this particular bible study was on Eve. Anyone who has read the beginning of the bible knows about Adam and Eve. When I listened however, to Lysa TerKeurst talk about Eve she gave me a totally new perspective on the story. She shared how Eve had everything she could ever want or desire given to her from God yet she found a way to want more therefore leading to sin.

That made me think SO differently about Eve’s story. She lived in paradise with her husband and they are described as being helpers just right for each other and she had a close relationship with God not only in a spiritual way but was able to see him physically. She literally had everything. Yet when the serpent questioned her about what God really said about eating the fruit from the tree of life she was convinced that it was okay. That makes me think she must have started thinking about the fruit before then. We all know if there is something we shouldn’t do but want to do it doesn’t take a lot to give us a push in that direction. So she must have had a desire for more than she had. She had perfection but wanted EVERYTHING around her, the one and only tree she wasn’t supposed to eat from. I had two feelings when I started thinking more about the story this way. The first thing was why are we desiring to have more? The second was thoughts of forgiveness.

Like so many of us today we have things but we want more. I noticed when we talk about wanting more it always seems to be material driven. We desire more things, stuff, items. I am not saying that having material items is a bad thing. I am just like you and want/need things and therefore I buy these things, I personally have a list of things to buy in my bullet journal. But I want to take this a little deeper, why do we mostly desire and then seek materialistic things rather than looking at what our souls and hearts may desire. Sure buying something makes us feel good and it doesn’t always just last a little while like some people may say. Some of that stuff can actually make you happy and smile every time you use it or see it. What if Eve knew she had the perfect life and she was actually happy and she initially didn’t desire the tree. She maybe admired it for its beauty but never considered eating from it because she knew she wasn’t supposed to. Then slowly she begins to become used to the perfection she has around her and it no longer seems perfect like it did and she begins to rethink her life.  I know I do this in my life, I recognize all the blessings and then I may notice something wonderful someone else has that maybe I don’t. I begin to question “is what I have really enough” “do I really want that instead of what I have already”. I struggle with this most spiritually and emotionally. I see others and wonder why I can’t be more like them and I forget what I do have to offer, even if it isn’t that much. Maybe the next time we start to feel we are desiring something someone else has materialistic or spiritual, we should look at the deeper reason we may want what they have. Then we can question how is that missing in our lives or maybe it isn’t but we just have it in a different way. Not everything come packaged the same way. I have learned this well regarding the relationships in my life by trying not to fit every person into how I think they should be but rather look at them for who they are and love them that way.

The second and last thing I thought about when looking at this story deeper is forgiveness. We can all admit we have had set backs and sin, we have all been Eve. But knowing this should make us love each other with more forgiveness and recognize we are not perfect. Tolerance, acceptance, love, and forgiveness I think is what we are called to do. To me judgment is not my job nor my calling. I found the verse Ephesians 4:2 “Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowances for each other’s faults because of your love.” The rest of the chapter has a lot of good teachings in there as well.  I think unforgiven actions have divided people for a long time now and I pray we can overcome that. We are responsible for ourselves and how we feel about or treat others. Just remember we’ve all been Eve.

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